* Only 7 Massachusetts patent practitioners disclose fees

And only one of these, Clocktower Law, is a multi-attorney firm.

By Erik J. Heels

First published 3/31/2017; YearOfDisruption.com; publisher: GiantPeople.

Whoa, let's not go crazy. How about we just make our accounting translucent?

A recent review of over 2,000 patent professionals in Massachusetts revealed that only 75% of these professionals were findable on the Internet with the official data maintained by the USPTO.

Furthermore, only 5 patent practitioners and one law firm publish their fees on their websites:

See the “URL – Costs, Fees, Prices” field in the attached:


These are the Massachusetts patent practitioners who publish their fees:

  1. Act-On-Technology Law Office (Stan Collier, Holyoke MA)
  2. Law Office of Frank J. Smith ESQ LLC (Methuen MA)
  3. Clocktower Law (Erik Heels & Mike Bartley, Acton MA)
  4. Frugal Patents (Jerome Sacks, Lexington MA)
  5. Steven N. Fox (Sharon MA)
  6. Szmanda & Shelnut (Charles Szmanda, Westborough MA)

Is it possible that 99% of patent practitioners in Massachusetts don’t know how much their services cost?

Are law firms afraid to publish prices online?

Are clients not demanding transparency from their law firms with legal fees?

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